Vanguard VEO ADAPTOR S41 GY Rucksack

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Vanguard VEO ADAPTOR S41 GY backpack

The Vanguard Veo adapter S41 GY backpack is a backpack with a sleek, modern design. It includes a USB interface port that can accommodate a power bank and cable, allowing you to charge your camera or smartphone on the go. The backpack has extra-wide access on the side, so you can easily and quickly reach your camera.The bag has room for a DSLR camera with 1 to 2 lenses, a flash, accessories and a 10" tablet. The backpack has multiple pockets for cables and SD cards. You can attach a tripod to the front. The backpack has an ergonomic harness system with a hip belt that you can tuck away when not in use. It has reflective stitching if you travel in the dark. A rain cover is also included for rainy days. 

With the USB interface port, you have a pocket where you can charge your stuff. Place the power bank (not included) in the top compartment and connect it to the USB-A port in the bag with a suitable cable. You can connect the device to the external USB-A port with another cable. Thanks to this port, you have longer access to power. 

Furthermore, the backpack has extra wide access on the side. This gives both left- and right-handed photographers easy access to all equipment.The side access is also protected en route. Simply thread the zip pull through the elastic loop at the top of the side pocket. 

The VEO Adapter S41 has an extra wide side access and can accommodate a professional DSLR camera with lens, 3-4 lenses (up to 70-200 mm), flash, essential accessories and a 15" Macbook. At the top is a small daypack section for a power bank and personal items, or even more camera equipment. The ziped pockets on the front and top have room for a smartphone, wallet and other essentials. The side pockets have a number of pockets for SD cards, cables, paperwork and more. On each side is a large compartment with an elastic top for a water bottle, so you always have enough to drink on the go. 

All VEO Adapter backpacks allow you to carry a travel tripod to take the perfect shot on the go. This tripod is designed to be worn in the middle of the back for optimal balance on the go, with a discreet foot holder that can be tucked away when not needed. You can also use the included strap and large side pocket to carry a side tripod if you need to.

The VEO adapter is made of polyester with PU coating and is therefore waterproof.

Features of the Vanguard VEO ADAPTOR S41 GY backpack

  • Backpack
  • Access your camera from the side
  • Quick side access
  • Suitable for: DSLR camera with lens, 1-2 lenses, a flash and accessories
  • Laptop/tablet: 10" tablet
  • Tripod holder
  • Waterproof
  • USB interface port
  • Ergonomic harness system
  • Reflective stitching
  • Suitable as hand luggage
  • Outer Dimensions: 240 mm ×210 mm × 420 mm
  • Inside dimensions: 200 mm × 150 mm × 280 mm
  • Content: 12 litres
  • Weight: 1.15 kg
  • Material: Polyester with PU coating


  • Vanguard VEO ADAPTOR S41 GY backpack
  • Rain cover





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